Set Vallejo Game Color 8 u. (18 ml.) Aztec Dragons by Angel Giraldez.

Reference: 72195 N

Dragons are mythological creatures that allow you to unleash your creativity during the painting process. This color set, meticulously designed by Ángel Giráldez, includes a detailed step-by-step where the artist reflects the cultural richness and splendorous aesthetics of Aztec dragons. From deep shades of turquoise blue and emerald green, to golden and red hues that evoke the glow of the sun, our paints will allow you to create a wide variety of shades and textures that distinguish these legendary creatures.


72.098 Elfic Flesh

72.100 Rosy Flesh

72.006 Sun Yellow

72.011 Gory Red

72.014 Warlord Purple

72.029 Sick Green

72.061 Khaki

72.094 Black Ink

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72195 N
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