Set Vallejo Game Color 8 u. (18 ml.) Fire Dragons by Angel Giraldez.

Reference: 72196 N

Dragons are mythological creatures that allow you to unleash your creativity during the painting process. This color set, meticulously designed by Ángel Giráldez, includes a detailed step-by-step where the artist shows us a world where flames dance and dragons kingdom. The warm glow of red or the golden glow of the most ardent fire is recreated, where the dragons seem to be burning with life. Every shade and hue has been chosen to highlight the unique features of these powerful beings, from their scales to their imposing wings.


72.001 Dead White

72.004 Elf Skin Tone

72.007 Gold Yellow

72.008 Orange Fire

72.009 Hot Orange

72.157 Fluorescent Red

72.012 Scarlet Red

72.019 Night Blue

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72196 N
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