Set of sheets of paper for writing or drawing that are joined by one side with a little glue, a spiral or otherwise, sometimes a pricking is done near the joined part to make it easier to separate the written sheets.

  • watercolor blocs
    watercolor blocs

    Watercolor special paper (pressed paper), is more absorbent than regular paper to prevent undulations and other undesirable effects that water-based paints, produce in the normal papers.

  • marker pen blocs
    marker pen blocs

    Suitable papers for painting and drawing with marker pens. Covered by a barrier that prevents ink penetration. The ink stays on the surface and does not passes by through the paper.

  • pastel blocs
    pastel blocs

    Paper suitable for pastel drawing. Available in different textures and tones.

  • comic/manga blocs
    comic/manga blocs

    Suitable papers for Manga or Comic painting and drawing.

  • calligraphy blocs
    calligraphy blocs

    Special for calligraphy. With the absorption and the ideal characteristics to develop the art of the caligraphy.


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