Paints to paint on glass.

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  • Pebeo Vitrail glass paint

    Pebeo Vitrail glass paint

    <p>Pébéo Vitrail Transparent are ready-to-use solvent based colors, they are transparent, intense, bright and light resistants.</p> <p><br />It is applied with brush on any transparent and degreased support such as glass, acetate, polyester, plexiglass, etc ..., also can be applied with airbrush.</p> <p>Clean the brushes with odorless mineral essence or turpentine and then wash them with soap and water.</p> <p>Paintings exclusively for decoration.</p> <p></p>
  • Pebeo Vitrea 160 glass paint

    Pebeo Vitrea 160 glass paint

    <p><strong>PEBEO VITREA 160: Transparent and deep water-based colors for glass.</strong></p> <p>Vitrea 160 offers shades of outstanding transparency, shimmer or frosted. Get unique creations: after cooking at 160° in a domestic oven, Vitrea 160 colors are resistant to washing.</p>
  • flex stencils 15 x 21

    flex stencils 15 x 21

    <p><b> Decoration Stencils. They are flexible so can also decorate round objects. </b> <br /><br /> Usable on various materials, glass, ceramics, wood, cloth, cardboard, paper, etc. Its adhesive layer avoids the paint to drain underneath the stencil. <br /><br /> Can be cleaned with warm water and soap and can be reused.</p>
  • adhesive lead strip for windows

    adhesive lead strip for windows

    <p>Adhesive lead tape roll, very flexible, to create multiple forms and designs.</p> <p><br /><br /> Allows imitate windows and garnish crystal, glass, lamps, plastic, pvc, methacrylate, etc.</p> <p><br /><br /> Available in different finishes and in 2 formats: Roll of 10 m long and 6 mm thick or Roll 20 m long (10 m double oval) 3 mm thick.</p>
  • Vallejo Arte Deco Liner

    Vallejo Arte Deco Liner

    <p>Artedeco Liner dry fast and has excellent adhesion to all surfaces (glass, acrylic, plaster, marble, wood, canvas, etc...)</p> <p><br /> Presented in 20 ml. tubes with an applicator tip for easy handling.</p>
  • various glass paint

    various glass paint