• pebeo Vitrail glass painting
    pebeo Vitrail glass painting

    Pébéo Vitrail Transparent are ready-to-use solvent based colors, they are transparent, intense, bright and light resistants.

    It is applied with brush on any transparent and degreased support such as glass, acetate, polyester, plexiglass, etc ..., also can be applied with airbrush.

    Clean the brushes with odorless mineral essence or turpentine and then wash them with soap and water.

    Paintings exclusively for decoration.

  • Vallejo Arte Deco Liner
    Vallejo Arte Deco Liner

    Artedeco Liner dry fast and has excellent adhesion to all surfaces (glass, acrylic, plaster, marble, wood, canvas, etc...)

    Presented in 20 ml. tubes with an applicator tip for easy handling.

  • adhesive lead strip for windows
    adhesive lead strip for windows

    Adhesive lead tape roll, very flexible, to create multiple forms and designs.

    Allows imitate windows and garnish crystal, glass, lamps, plastic, pvc, methacrylate, etc.

    Available in different finishes and in 2 formats: Roll of 10 m long and 6 mm thick or Roll 20 m long (10 m double oval) 3 mm thick.

  • flex stencils 15 x 21
    flex stencils 15 x 21

    Decoration Stencils. They are flexible so can also decorate round objects.

    Usable on various materials, glass, ceramics, wood, cloth, cardboard, paper, etc. Its adhesive layer avoids the paint to drain underneath the stencil.

    Can be cleaned with warm water and soap and can be reused.

  • various glass paint
    various glass paint


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