• acrylic paint FolkArt
    acrylic paint FolkArt

    Acrylic paint FolkArt, all-purpose acrylic paint for decorative crafts and home décor.
    Superior coverage. Exceptional brushability. Use on all porous surfaces.
    All colors are certified AP non-toxic, water-based, and acid neutral.

  • acrylic paint FolkArt Enamel
    acrylic paint FolkArt Enamel

    Bright finish. 

    21 days air drying or baking after one hour of air drying. 

    Avaiable 59 ml.

  • acrylic paint FolkArt Chalkboard
    acrylic paint FolkArt Chalkboard

    Creates an instant chalkboard writing surface on furniture, frames, flower pots and more.


    Avaiable 236 ml.

  • acrylic paint FolkArt Painted Finishes
    acrylic paint FolkArt Painted Finishes

    Rust, Concrete & Moss finishes to add dimension and natural looking texture to your projects.

  • Pebeo Ceramic painting
    Pebeo Ceramic painting

    Ceramic paint Pebeo Ceramic.

  • home Deco Paint
    home Deco Paint

    Water-based paint chalk effect, ultra-matte finish, very easy to use. Don't requires surface preparation or priming.

    Very covering, soft touch, high pigmentation and great adhesion to multiple surfaces. Perfect for decorate furniture and other objects and for restoration works. Dries in 50-60 min.

    Do not leave brush marks. High resistance to the passing of time and moisture.

    Applying with brush, roller, pistol or airbrush. Clean with soap and water.

    Package of 110 ml.

  • Mongay Ceramic paint
    Mongay Ceramic paint

    Ceramic paint Mongay Ceramic.

  • Jacquard Pearl Ex pigments
    Jacquard Pearl Ex pigments

    Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments may be used any time a metallic or pearlescent effect is desired: mix them with acrylics, oils, inks, epoxy, glues, resins, clay, varnishes...

    Is a safe, inert pigment that exhibits extreme colorfastness and stability. The different particle sizes produce different effects, from a smooth pearly luster, to a highly metallic sheen. Pearl Ex creates a metallic effect without being a real metal. It will never tarnish or fade!

    Specifically developed as an art material, NOT for cosmetic use.

  • crackle mediums
    crackle mediums

    Cracking is an effect widely used in painting, wood, ceramics, etc. It is a phenomenon of deterioration used in crafts to create cracks that fragment the paint, or the treated surface, in order to imitate aging.

  • porcelain marker Edding 4200
    porcelain marker Edding 4200

    New marker brush tip for porcelain Edding 4200.

    Allows to paint and decorate all kinds of handmade porcelain objects.

    Flexible brush tip suitable for both thin and large work surfaces. Line width 1-4 mm.

    His ink provides a glossy finish on both porcelain and glazed pottery and glass oven heat resistant.

    After a short drying time, the painting is fixed in the oven and designs become resistant to washing.

    Markers for porcelain are available in three sets with different ranges of colors.

  • handicraft brushes
    handicraft brushes
  • stencils

    Decoration Stencils.

  • various handicrafts
    various handicrafts

    Miscellaneous handicrafts products.


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