Pebeo Porcelaine 150 paint

Pébéo Porcelaine 150

Domestic oven baking.

Water-based colors, deep and bright. Magnificent enameled appearance after cooking. The range includes iridescent colors, bright and with changing reflections, particularly opaque and with great coverage, as well as pastel colors. Excellent resistance to light. The paints are ready to be used, just mix them with a wooden stick before each use, particularly Porcelaine 150 Slate, which is a product that allows you to write on it with a chalk.

Porcelaine 150 is applied on porcelain and earthenware, as well as on most supports that can withstand a temperature of 150° C. The choice of the support and the instruments used will allow playing with the effects: transparency and intensity of the colors. Porcelaine 150 makes professional enamel available to everyone with a generation of colors that are fixed by baking the decorated object at 150° C, that is, in any domestic oven.

Whether in bottle, tube or marker, its color is deep and bright. They can mix with each other, are translucent or opaque and have a magnificent enameled appearance after cooking. Multiple applications are possible with Porcelaine 150: brush, sponge, templates...

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