Marker is a writing instrument containing its own ink, can be applied to write or draw on virtually any surface.

The tip can have different shapes and sizes, usually made of felt, fine fibers of nylon or other synthetic material.

Their inks can be permanent or non-permanent.

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  • marker pens news

    marker pens news

    <p>News Marker Pens.</p>
  • Posca marker pens

    Posca marker pens

    <p>Marker pens with plastic body, acrylic based non toxic paint, non permanent and water washable, they have an excellent pigmentation and light resistance.</p> <p><br /> Can be applied on any surface: metal, glass, plastic, wood, plaster, cloth, paper, etc...</p> <p><br /> They offer 7 tip widths and a wide range of colors.</p>
  • Promarker marker pens

    Promarker marker pens

    <p>Promarker Marker Pens Set.</p>
  • Pentel Sign Pen Artist marker pen

    Pentel Sign Pen Artist marker pen

    <p>Extra fine brush tip watercolor marker pen designed for art professionals.</p> <p>Extra-fine tip that allows, depending on the pressure applied, the creation of very thin or thicker lines.</p> <p>Its fiber tip does not deform with use.</p> <p>Ideal to practice calligraphy, lettering and also drawing, illustration and all kinds of artistic works.</p> <p></p> <p><strong>Available in 12 colors.</strong></p>
  • Ecoline Brush Pen marker pens

    Ecoline Brush Pen marker pens

    <p>Ecoline is a liquid watercolor pertaining at the group of non water resistent inks with transparent and intense colors. <br /><br /> For all types of artworks, watercolor painting on paper or drawing cardboard. We can mix colors together and can be moistened again when dry.</p>
  • PITT Faber Castell marker pens

    PITT Faber Castell marker pens

    <p>PITT Faber Castell Marker Pens.</p>
  • Lyra Aqua Brush Duo marker pens

    Lyra Aqua Brush Duo marker pens

    <p><b> Aqua Brush Duo it's a two fiber tips marker pen, brush and fine, for artists and designers of all ages. </b> <br /> <br /> Both tips are extremely resistant and produce quality results for years. <br /> <br /> One of the tips allows you to run similar to painting techniques, with the other tip you can draw fine and thin lines for perfect drawings. <br /> <br /> With water-based inks, watercolor effect and solvent-free, its 24 bright colors can be mixed together without problems. <br /><br /><img src="" alt="" height="115" width="396" /></p>
  • Uni Chalk marker pens

    Uni Chalk marker pens

    <p>Uni-ball offers, as experts in colour inks and nib variants, a family of high quality pen and marker tools delivering quality and innovation. The quality of the pigments used to make inks is an absolute priority, because it determines the density and brightness of the colours. In order to ensure inks of optimum quality, Uni has developed "Super Ink" technology, with special pigments that give colours unequalled stability, depth and intensity.</p>
  • Daler Rowney FW Mixed Media Paint Markers

    Daler Rowney FW Mixed Media Paint Markers

    <p>FW Mixed Media Paint Markers allow inks and other liquid media to be applied with precision across a wide variety of nibs and sizes. You can even mix your own special colours for the Paint Markers.<br /> <br /> Ideal for use with FW inks, the markers are also suitable for use with other ranges including watercolours diluted with water, drawing inks etc. <br /> <br /> The FW Paint Marker can also be used like a water brush and watercolour pencils.<br /> <br /> The FW Paint Markers can be washed out if you want to change colours and refilled with other colours. Or you can simply refill the Paint Marker when it has run out of ink. Each Paint Marker comes with a spare fibre nib.<br /> <br /> The FW Paint Markers come in twin packs for all sizes except for the largest Paint Marker, 301, which is packed singly.<br /> <br /> For best results shake well once the the Paint Marker is filled with your colour, pump the nib gently until the ink starts to flow into the fibre nib and store markers horizontally with the cap on. Pippets can be used to fill the barrel of the Paint Markers if you are mixing your own colours.<br /> <br /> Not recommended for use with pearlescent inks as they contain tiny particles that can block the fibre tipped nibs.</p>
  • Pentel Colour Brush marker pen

    Pentel Colour Brush marker pen

    <p>Rechargeable plastic brush, water- based ink, synthetic nylon bristles that keep their shape, allows obtain vivid and bright colors.</p> <p><br /> Incorporates a valve for controlling fluid and prevent dripping from the brush. <br /><br /> Refillable cartridges.<br /><br /> Available in 18 colors.</p>
  • Pentel Pocket Brush marker pen

    Pentel Pocket Brush marker pen

    <p>Replaceable brush pen with cap and clip to carry it safely. <br /><br /> High resistance synthetic bristles, tip retains its shape. Water and fading resistant pigment ink. <br /> <br /> Ideal for sketches, manga, designs, oriental art and calligraphy. <br /> <br /> It includes 4 replacement pigment ink cartridges .</p>
  • water brush Aquash

    water brush Aquash

    <p>Nylon bristles brush that do not deform. Clean, easy to use and does not leak, its flat body prevents the brush to roll. <br /><br /> Ideal for use with watercolors, pencils, waxes and watercolour marker pens. <br /><br /> 10 ml tank refillable with water or other liquids such as tempera, dyes, paints, liquid glue, etc. <br /><br /> Available in three tip widths.</p>
  • textile marker Fabricolor Twin

    textile marker Fabricolor Twin

    <p>Features:</p> <p><br /> - Water-based pigment ink.<br /> - Double tip: fine tip of 2 mm and brush tip.<br /> - Non-opaque.<br /> - Suitable for painting on fabrics as cotton, synthetic fibers or mixed.<br /> - Permanent after ironing.<br /> - Ventilated safety cap.<br /> - Available in 24 colors.</p>
  • porcelain marker Edding 4200

    porcelain marker Edding 4200

    <p>New marker brush tip for porcelain Edding 4200. <br /><br /> Allows to paint and decorate all kinds of handmade porcelain objects. <br /><br /> Flexible brush tip suitable for both thin and large work surfaces. Line width 1-4 mm. <br /><br /> His ink provides a glossy finish on both porcelain and glazed pottery and glass oven heat resistant. <br /><br /> After a short drying time, the painting is fixed in the oven and designs become resistant to washing. <br /> <br /> Markers for porcelain are available in three sets with different ranges of colors.</p>
  • transfer marker

    transfer marker

    <p>Marker with a special liquid that has the ability to dissolve the printer's toner and transfer it to a different surface.</p>