acrylic paint FolkArt Marbling

FolkArt Marbling Paint. 

FolkArt Marbling Paint is a high-quality acrylic paint, easy-to-use, ready-to-use, water-based and non-toxic formula that has been previously mixed with a marbling medium. Without mixing paints and chemicals, it allows colors to run separately or flow smoothly over a surface to create a marble effect without mixing too much or getting muddy.

Only by pouring FolkArt Marbling Paint will be achieved beautiful marbling effects on many surfaces: wood, papier mache, paper, canvas, metal, glassware, glazed ceramics, hard plastic, terracotta and fabric.

Dries to the touch within one hour and dries completely in 24 hours, some variables such as the type of surface, the paint layer thickness and humidity environment can affect the drying time. Cures to a surface approximately 48 hours after it has dried.

It is necessary to seal or varnish the projects created with FolkArt Marbling Paints. Only for indoor use.

59 ml bottle.

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