Vallejo paint sets 

Collection sets of acrylic colors for models and miniatures. Each of the boxes has a selection of special colors to paint vehicles, figures, etc.

  • Panzer Aces paint sets
    Panzer Aces paint sets

    Scale Models Acrylic Paints Vallejo Panzer Aces.

  • paint sets Model Color
    paint sets Model Color

    Scale Modelling Acrylic Paints Sets Vallejo Model Color.

  • Model Air paint sets
    Model Air paint sets

    Scale Models sets Acrylic Paints Vallejo Model Air.

  • Colorshifts paint sets
    Colorshifts paint sets

    Selection of ready to use metallic chameleonic acrylic airbrush colors. The multichromatic Eccentric Colors pigments used in the formulation of these colors give them a vibrant metallic sparkle, while their glass-like coating acts like a refracting prism. Each flake presents a variety of color depending on the angle of view and incident light; the color shift effect is observable with both high and low-gloss applications and in a wide variety of lighting conditions and is intensified if the colors are applied on a curved surface, while best effects are obtained over a gloss black base color.

  • sets Model Air War Color Series
    sets Model Air War Color Series

    Model Air sets with 8 colors developed on the basis of intensive research and precise color matching with the Federal Standard 595, RLM and British Standard Colours BS381C color specifications. The sets include the colors for the air plane profiles and camouflage patterns drawn by Mark Rolfe. With the collaboration of "Pieza a Pieza.

  • Game Color paint sets
    Game Color paint sets

    Acrylic paint sets for fantasy figures Game Color.

  • Game Air paint sets
    Game Air paint sets

     Acrylic paint Sets for fantasy figures Game Air.

  •  Fantasy-Pro paint sets
    Fantasy-Pro paint sets

    Fantasy color sets containing 8 acrylic colors "Fantasy-Pro" formulated in collaboration with Nocturna Models and especially designed to paint all kinds of fantasy, wargame figures and "pin ups".

  • WWII Wargames sets
    WWII Wargames sets

    Collection of 6 color sets for painting models and miniatures. Each one of these sets has a selection of especial colors for painting vehicles, figures, etc...
    Contains 6 bottles of 17 ml., includes painting guide.
    To view its contents, click on the product.

  • sets AFV Painting System
    sets AFV Painting System

    AFV Armour Painting System
    airbrush colors for graded highlights, shadows and volumes.

    AFV Weathering System
    Weathering system for armored vehicles.

    AFV Camouflage Colors
    camouflage system for armored vehicles.

  • Vallejo Pigments sets
    Vallejo Pigments sets

    Collection of 4 Pigment sets for painting models and miniatures. Each one of these sets has a selection of 4 colors to create special effects on figures, models and dioramas. The set contains 4 bottles of 35 ml.

  • Diorama Effects sets
    Diorama Effects sets

    Diorama Effects range offers the modeler everything needed for the reproduction of a terrain, with effects of sandy and dusty roads, or of snow, mud and water, all of which add to the realism of the setting and relate the model to its environment.

  • Metal Color paint sets
    Metal Color paint sets

    Scale Models Acrylic Paints Vallejo Metal Color.

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