AK8208 GreenPower 2 Component Putty 2 x 10 cms

Reference: AK8208

AK8208 GreenPower 2 Component Putty 2 x 10 cms.

Epoxy putty that, when both components are mixed at room temperature, allows to recreate any piece of a model. Once both components mixed, it becomes a sticky green putty.

You have approximately 90 minutes to mold and detail, reaching the maximum hardness after 24 hours. To obtain softer surfaces, it is recommended to use a lubricant such as water, oil or vaseline to prevent unwanted sedimentations.

The tools should always be lubricated or moistened, and talcum powder can be used to avoid fingerprints or to add texture. The alteration of the proportions of both components produces a greater or lesser hardness and a faster or slower hardening.

Storing the putty in a cool place or even in the refrigerator, will keep it in better condition and last longer.

Contains 2 strips of 10 cm of putty.

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