78015 - German Battleship Tirpitz Tamiya 1/350

Reference: 78015

78015 - German Battleship Tirpitz Tamiya 1/350

Scale: 1:350

Box Dim. 250 x 70 x 760 mm

Plastic kit to assemble and paint.

The Treaty of Versailles, which ended the First World War, imposed severe weapons restrictions on defeated Germany, this also affected its navy, which was very limited until the Nazis came to power.

In 1935, with Hitler already serving as head of government, the Germans reached an agreement with the British through which the former could increase their fleet to 180,000 tons, taking into account that they had already used 82,000 in the construction of a battleship of pockets (the Graf Spee), torpedo boats and several light cruisers. Germany then decided to build two heavy battleships of 35,000 tons each: the first was the famous Bismarck and the second (launched in April 1939) was the Tirpitz.

The Tirpitz could displace 42,900 tons, was 251 meters long and was armed with eight 380mm guns, twelve 150mm guns, sixteen 105mm guns, sixteen 37mm guns and twelve 20mm anti-aircraft guns.

The Tirpitz participated in the Baltic Fleet, it was also stationed near the coast of Norway and in 1943 it bombed the Island of Spitsbergen. It was sunk near Norway on 12 November 1944 by British Lancaster heavy bombers.

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