78025 - Yamato Japanese Battleship Tamiya 1/350

Reference: 78025

78025 - Yamato Japanese Battleship Tamiya 1/350

Scale: 1:350

Box Dim. 270 x 150 x 760 mm

Plastic kit to assemble and paint.

Yamato was a Japanese battleship launched in August 1940 and commissioned into the Imperial Japanese Navy in December 1941. The total length of the ship was 263 meters, width 38.9 meters and a total displacement of 65,000 tons. The maximum speed of the battleship Yamato was about 27-28 knots. The main armament at the time of launch was 9 460 mm guns in three turrets of three guns each, and the secondary armament was mainly 12 152 mm guns.

The Yamato was the first battleship of the type with the same name, that is, Yamato. The genesis of this type of battleship dates back to the early 1930s, when the command of the Japanese Navy, expecting that the Washington Treaty would expire soon (from 1922) and preparing for war in the Pacific, decided to create the most powerful and best battleship in history, which would surpass its US Navy or Royal Navy counterparts, and would keep its construction completely secret. As a result, when she entered service in 1941, Yamato was the most powerful battleship, the 460 mm gun had a firing range of 42,000 meters, and she was the best armored ship of this type in the world. Yamato became the flagship of the entire Japanese Navy in 1942.

It was from her deck that Isoroku Yamamoto ordered Japan's defeat at the Battle of Midway (June 1942). Yamato spent the years 1943-1944 in Japanese home waters, participating in limited combat in the Pacific. In June 1944 she participated in the Battle of the Philippine Sea, but her role in it was marginal. She also fought in the Battle of Leyte in October 1944. Yamato's last combat mission was her suicide voyage against American forces landing on Okinawa (Operation Ten-Go). After being hit by at least 11 torpedoes and 8 bombs, this largest battleship in history sank on April 7, 1945.

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