Set Vallejo Model Color 8 u. (17 ml.) Shasvastii

Reference: 70241

Set Vallejo Model Color 8 u. (17 ml.) Shasvastii 

The set is the perfect introduction for newcomers to the wonderful hobby of miniature painting and contains 8 colors, an exclusive Nox Miniature (Forward Observer) only available in this presentation and a step-by-step by Ángel Giráldez.

6 x 17 ml. Model Color
2  x 17 ml. Game Color
1 Figure.

70.918 Ivory
70.035 Dead Flesh
70.815 Basic Skin Tone
70.845 Sunny Skin Tone
70.810 Royal Purple
72.011 Gory Red
70.859 Black Red
70.950 Black

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