scale models paints Vallejo

Palettes for use with airbrush and/or brush, to painting models and miniatures.

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  • Vallejo Panzer Aces Color

    Vallejo Panzer Aces Color

    <p>In order to simplify the method of painting the uniforms of the crew of military vehicles in the Second World War, the specialists on the staff of Panzer Aces Magazine have created a series of colours which coincide with the standard shades of these uniforms. <br />All uniforms consist of a base and a lighter color for highlighting and grading. Three colors have been selected for the fleshtones, as well as a series of colors to reproduce the design of Splinter Camouflage, printed on many of the garments and canvas equipment of the German Army. <br /><br /> Panzer Aces 48 colors are presented in a 17 ml.</p>
  • Vallejo Model Color

    Vallejo Model Color

    <p>The Modelcolor range contains 223 colors and an extensive assortment of mediums and varnishes, designed especially for Miniature and Modelpainting. The colors have been chosen with the help and advice of the best model painters from many countries. Those colors which have corresponding Federal Standard, Ral and RLM equivalencies are so identified. <br /> Modelcolor has been formulated with permanent pigments for fine arts; all colors are completely lightfast and opaque. <br /><br /> Model Color is presented in plastic bottles of 17ml.</p>
  • Vallejo Model Air

    Vallejo Model Air

    <p>The formula contains a new acrylic resin with properties until now impossible to obtain in a waterbased acrylic. The resistence, hardness and covering power of Model Air is superior to any known acrylic for airbrushing.<br /> The pigments used for airbrush colours need to be ground to the finest possible consistency to avoid obstruction of the airbrush valves. The revolutionary milling process of the pigments used in the Model Air formula gives the modelpainter technical assurance and finest texture when applying the colours to the model, and produces a very superior qualtity when applying the colours with a brush for miniscule details, for washes and transparencies and layered application of diluted glazes.<br /> Colours can be mixed with one another, diluted with water, Model Air Thinner or Varnish, according to the effect desired, but we recommend the use of Model Air Thinner since this product conserves the properties of the colours. Model Air adheres excepcionally well to all surfaces. The adhesion of Model Air to resin models, plastics, steel and white metal is extraordinary. Once protected with varnish, (Gloss, Matte or Satin) Model Air can be overpainted with solvent based enamels or oilcolours: they withstand cleaning with turpentine and even a light wash with alcohol. The resistance to abrasion of the colours, once varnished, is superior to any other waterbased acrylic.<br /> Presentation:<br /><br /> Model Air 216 colors are presented in a 17 ml. bottle with eyedropper.</p>
  • Vallejo Game Color

    Vallejo Game Color

    <p>121 colors. <br /><br /></p> <p>Game Color provides a range of colors, especially suitable for parts fantasy. <br />The packaging is in comfortable plastic bottles dispenser.</p>
  • Vallejo Game Air

    Vallejo Game Air

    <p>59 colors. <br /><br />Game Air is a range of water- based, matte acrylic colors, developed especially for airbrushing.<br /> The colors in the range have been selected in collaboration with modelers specialized in fantasy figures and dioramas, and the existing colors in the Game Color range have been taken into particular consideration. The names and shades of the most popular colors of Game Color have been maintained in Game Air, using the formulation and resins employed for Model Air.</p>
  • Vallejo Train Color

    Vallejo Train Color

    <p>Vallejo Train Color is an special series of acrylic colors specially designed for painting, aging and weathering steam locomotives.</p>
  • Vallejo Metal Color

    Vallejo Metal Color

    <p>Metal Color is a range of 19 water- based metallic colors, especially designed for airbrushing. In the development of this new and innovative range, the latest generation of aluminium pigments has been used in a specifically designed formula to produce colors of exceptional resistance and adherence to plastics and metal. Can be applied directly on models without the need for the use of a primer, although in the case of fuselages and components for airplane models it is recommended to first apply a glossy Black Primer to bring forth the unique and special quality of the aluminum finish.<br /><br /> Packaging: In 32 ml. bottles with a flip-top/ dropper closure.</p>
  • Vallejo Liquid Gold

    Vallejo Liquid Gold

    <p>A selection of 8 permanent metallic colours for fine arts, restoration, decorative arts and hobby painting. <br /> Formulated with metallic pigments, soluble only in alcohol, these colors are infinitely more brilliant than their waterbased counterparts, and absolutely durable and light fast. <br /> The colours can be mixed with one another and dry almost instantly. They can be overpainted or varnished almost immediately. The specific weight of the pigment causes the formation of sediment at the base of the container, and paint should be thoroughly shaken or stirred before use. If it were necessary to dilute the colours further, only 96% pure alcohol should be added to avoid oxidation. <br /> Liquid Gold cannot be mixed with water, to the contrary, the slightest contact with water will cause the pigments to rust within the jar. Brushes should be cleaned in alcohol only.<br /> Liquid Gold contains alcohol and is therefore flammable, but the product does not contain xylene or toluene, and is neither toxic nor harmful in normal use.</p>