pitture Vallejo

Gamme di colori per l'utilizzo con aerografo e/o il pennello, per la pittura di modelli e miniature.

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  • Vallejo Panzer Aces Color

    Vallejo Panzer Aces Color

    <p>In order to simplify the method of painting the uniforms of the crew of military vehicles in the Second World War, the specialists on the staff of Panzer Aces Magazine have created a series of colours which coincide with the standard shades of these uniforms. <br />All uniforms consist of a base and a lighter color for highlighting and grading. Three colors have been selected for the fleshtones, as well as a series of colors to reproduce the design of Splinter Camouflage, printed on many of the garments and canvas equipment of the German Army. <br /><br /> Panzer Aces 48 colors are presented in a 17 ml.</p>
  • Vallejo Model Color

    Vallejo Model Color

    <p>The Modelcolor range contains 223 colors and an extensive assortment of mediums and varnishes, designed especially for Miniature and Modelpainting. The colors have been chosen with the help and advice of the best model painters from many countries. Those colors which have corresponding Federal Standard, Ral and RLM equivalencies are so identified. <br /> Modelcolor has been formulated with permanent pigments for fine arts; all colors are completely lightfast and opaque. <br /><br /> Model Color is presented in plastic bottles of 17ml.</p>
  • Vallejo Model Air

    Vallejo Model Air

    <p>Model Air è una gamma di 216 colori acrilici sviluppati appositamente per aerografo, con pigmenti e resina acrilica di alta qualità.</p>
  • Vallejo Game Color

    Vallejo Game Color

    <p>121 colori. <br /><br />Game color offre una gamma di colori, specialmente adatto per le parti fantasia. <br />La confezione è in confortevole bottiglie di plastica dispenser.</p>
  • Vallejo Game Air

    Vallejo Game Air

    <p>59 colori. <br /><br />Gamel Air è una gamma di colori acrilici sviluppati appositamente per aerografo, con pigmenti e resina acrilica di alta qualità.</p>
  • Vallejo Train Color

    Vallejo Train Color

    <p>Vallejo Train Color è una serie speciale di colori acrilici appositamente progettati per la pintura, l'invecchiamento e l'applicazione di weathering alle locomotive a vapore.</p>
  • Vallejo Metal Color

    Vallejo Metal Color

    <p>Metal Color è una gamma di 19 colori metallici base d'acqua, particolarmente progettata per aerografia. Nel elaborazione di questa gamma innovativa sono utilizzati pigmenti di alluminio con una formulazione specifica conferendo colori eccezionale forza e adesione sul plastica e metallo. Può essere applicato direttamente sul modello senza un Primer precedente anche se è consigliabile, per alcune strutture dei modelli, applicare un Primer nero lucido per esaltare caratteristiche speciale dalla tonalità di alluminio. <br /> Presentazione: Flacone 32 ml. tappo cerniera e contagocce.</p>
  • Vallejo Liquid Gold

    Vallejo Liquid Gold

    <p><span>A selection of 8 permanent metallic colours for fine arts, restoration, decorative arts and hobby painting. </span><br /><span>Formulated with metallic pigments, soluble only in alcohol, these colors are infinitely more brilliant than their waterbased counterparts, and absolutely durable and light fast. </span><br /><span>The colours can be mixed with one another and dry almost instantly. They can be overpainted or varnished almost immediately. The specific weight of the pigment causes the formation of sediment at the base of the container, and paint should be thoroughly shaken or stirred before use. If it were necessary to dilute the colours further, only 96% pure alcohol should be added to avoid oxidation. </span><br /><span>Liquid Gold cannot be mixed with water, to the contrary, the slightest contact with water will cause the pigments to rust within the jar. Brushes should be cleaned in alcohol only.</span><br /><span>Liquid Gold contains alcohol and is therefore flammable, but the product does not contain xylene or toluene, and is neither toxic nor harmful in normal use.</span><br /><strong></strong></p>

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