Set Vallejo Model Air 8u. 17 ml. US Navy & USMC Colors 1940-1945

Reference: 71157new

Developed on the basis of intensive research and precise color matching with the Federal Standard 595 color specifications. Sets include aircraft profiles made by Mark Rolfe in which different combinations for camouflage schemes and information about the function and purpose of each is shown.

This Model Air 8 colors set is developed to paint aircrafts used by the US Navy and USMC from 1940 to 1945.

From the time before USA's entry into the war (scheme M-485), Pearl Harbor and the first naval battles (pattern M-495 & M-485) and the elaborate tricolor scheme employed in the middlel phase of the war (ANA 607 / ANA 608/ ANA 601), end of war (ANA 623) and colors used in the "Battle of the Atlantic" in the antisubmarine missions or ASW (ANA 621/ ANA 620 ANA / ANA 601).

* These new sets replace earlier versions and include in some cases new colors.


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