Set Vallejo Model Air 8 u. (17 ml.) Luftwaffe Maritime/Tropical

Reference: 71164new

RLM (Reichs Luftfahrt Ministerium) colors with new formulations, revised on the basis of an extensive study and review of the exact shades of the available documentation and most recent bibliographies. The new RLM sets include profiles of the aircraft by Mark Rolfe, showing the various RLM colour combinations used in the camouflage patterns, as well as information about their application and purpose. With the collaboration of the "Pieza a Pieza Modelling Workshop".

This set with 8 Model Air colors is developed for the painting of Luftwaffe camouflage patterns developed for aircraft in maritime deployment (hydroplanes, bombers and reconnaissance, etc.), as well as for the colors used for any type of aircraft operating in the North African campaign and the Mediterranean zone starting in 1941.

* These new sets replace earlier versions and include in some cases new colors.


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