Set Vallejo Model Air (2) 8 u. (17 ml.) Umtarnfarben.

Reference: 71159

In the year 1980 the standard camouflage pattern in the German and EU armies was the Flecktarnanstrich (FTA) with the colours RAL 6031-F9 Bronze -Green, RAL 8027-F9 Leather-Brown, and RAL 9021-F9 Tar-Black. This pattern was designed primarily for Central Europe, where landscapes consist largely of farmland, urban terrain and tall forests; vegetation with a dark green background.

After the year 2000, EU armed forces were employed increasingly in a wide range of missions outside Europe, and camouflage had to be adapted to non-European applications, to different land forms in hot regions with extreme climatic conditions, and dry, sparse and low vegetation with light backgrounds. To give worldwide cover for vehicles and equipment in this setting, five new Umtarnfarben (UTF) were developed in the colour spectrum of desert and steppe areas. The Umtarnfarben - camouflage change colours - can be adjusted and applied quickly by the soldiers in the area according to the prevailing background of the landscape. Dependent on location, in addition to the five UTF, the colours of brown leather and bronze green can still be used.


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