4001-04 Sealer White Auto Air (120 ml.)


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A low-build sealer used as the initial application of Auto Air Colors. Has excellent coverage and adhesion to primers & prepared surfaces.
Works best with a 0.5mm airbrush operated at 45+ PSI or a 1.2mm tip-sized spray gun operated at 40 PSI.
Tint with 4200 Series Semi-Opaque or Transparent Colors to create a color-keyed sealer base to improve coverage of colors. The mix ratio is not specific. Mix colors approx. 25% per volume to tint sealer.
Dry-sand with 600 - 800 grit paper to create a smoother surface before applying colors.
Excellent adhesion direct to urethane, epoxy and lacquer primers.
Excellent adhesion to existing finishes, prepare by scuffing with 600 grit.
Excellent adhesion to prepared substrates; aluminum, fiber-glass, glass, wood, vinyl and ceramics.
Plastics - use an adhesion promoter first.
Bare, untreated metal - apply a DTM etch-primer follwed by 4001 Sealer White or 4002 Sealer Dark.
Intended for application with a spray gun or large tip-sized airbrush.

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