AK11646 British Desert Colors North Africa and Mediterranean 1940-43 Colors 6 u. 17 ml

Reference: AK11646

A 3rd Generation acrylic paint set featuring the six basic camouflage colors used for painting vehicles of British and Commonwealth forces deployed in North Africa and the Mediterranean from mid-1940 to the spring of 1943.

Silver Grey No.28, Slate No.34 and Light Stone No.61 or Portland Stone No.64 were used for the so-called Caunter Scheme employed from July 1940 until October 1941, when a single overall color of Light Stone No.61 (sometimes replaced with Portland Stone No.64) was introduced.

In December 1941, application of camouflage patterns in a chosen color was allowed.

In October 1942, Desert Pink ZI was introduced as the new basic color, with Dark Olive Green PFI to be used for patterning.

These would remain the official standard colors until April 1943.


This set contains:

AK11374 Silver Grey.

AK11375 Slate No.34

AK11377 Light Stone No.61

AK11378 Portland Stone N0.64

AK11381 Dark Olive Green PFI.

AK11382 Desert Pink ZI.

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