UHU Super Fast Liquid Brush Adhesive 5 gr.

Reference: 36580

UHU Super Fast Liquid Brush Adhesive 5 gr.

Super strong instant adhesive, in a very stable and safe jar with an applicator brush. Ideal for surfaces and edges. Flows easily even in small voids and hard-to-reach areas. Bottle with anti-drip system.

Strongly bonds many materials: plastics, porcelain. ceramics. metal, wood, rubber, gum. Not suitable for PE, PP, Polypropylene or fabrics, except leather. Water and dishwasher resistant if used properly.

The surfaces to be glued must be dry, clean and free of grease or other residues. Apply a thin layer of glue on one of the surfaces. The thinner the layer, the faster it acts. Immediately join the surfaces to be glued. Blowing on the bonding joints accelerates adhesion and drying.

After use, clean the bottle with a dry cloth and close tightly, keeping in a cool, dry place for increase durability.

Cyanoacrylate adhesives solidify quickly if there is moisture (such as moisture in the air, moisture on the skin, perspiration, sebum, and tears). Therefore, during use you must take special care, especially with regard to children and contact with the skin and eyes. However, even without treatment, cyanoacrylate adhesives dissolve naturally over time.

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