UHU Super Fast Liquid Control+ Adhesive 5 gr.

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UHU Super Fast Liquid Control Adhesive 5 gr.

Extremely fast and strong liquid instant glue with Direct Stop technology.

Does not leak, has a recoil effect.

Clean and easy to use.

Super Fast and extremely strong.

Dishwasher safe and waterproof.

With a stable base.

Ideal for small area joints (not suitable for large area joints). Bonds virtually all solid and flexible materials, such as leather, many plastics such as hard PVC (polyvinyl chloride), ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, impact resistant styrene), PS (polystyrene), acrylic resin (plexiglas®), polycarbonate ( Makrolon®), phenolic resins (Bakelite®), porcelain, ceramic, wood, metal, cork, felt, fabric (a suitability test must first be carried out) and rubber. It is only partially suitable for glass (over time the joint breaks, causing it to weaken).

Not suitable for PE, PP, silicone resins and rubbers (Si), PTFE, Teflon®, extruded polystyrene, fabric and leather garments.

Do not use at temperatures below +10 °C. The glue responds best if the air humidity is between 50% and 70%.

The materials to be bonded must be clean, dry, free of dust and grease, and provide a good fit.

Therefore, you will need to remove any dust, oil, grease, wax, or separating agents that may be on the surfaces you want to bond. The best way to achieve this is to rub the parts several times with the appropriate solvents, such as acetone (if suitable for the material, this should be checked beforehand). For metals and metal alloys, simply rubbing the surface with sandpaper or polishing or brushing is usually sufficient.

Apply as thin a layer of adhesive as possible to one of the surfaces (use of too much adhesive greatly delays hardening) directly from the tube with the help of the nozzle. Depending on the amount of glue applied and the material, the glue will polymerize within 60 seconds into a synthetic resin and firmly bond both parts together. When the humidity level is low, the curing time can be reduced by blowing breath on one of the parts to be glued. Results will be optimal at room temperature. Basic surfaces speed up the setting of the glue and rough surfaces (eg wood, ceramic, porcelain, leather) slow it down. After use, clean the mouthpiece with a dry cloth and close the tube by screwing the cap back on.

When gluing in low humidity, you can shorten the drying time by briefly blowing on one of the pieces to be glued. The best bonding results are achieved at room temperature.

Contains cyanoacrylate. Bonds skin and eyelids in seconds. If the product comes into contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and see a doctor. In case of skin contact, the glue can be dissolved by soaking in warm soapy water. Next, apply a skin cream. May cause respiratory irritation. Avoid breathing vapors. Keep out of the reach of children.

Immediately remove excess adhesive by rubbing it with a dry cloth. Once hardened, the remains are very difficult to remove. Acetone dissolves the adhesive, but very slowly (if the material allows it).

Store in a cool, dry place protected from frost. Storing it below +5°C (in the refrigerator) will increase its shelf life.

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