airbrush reducers, additives and varnishes

Thinners, cleaners, varnishes and special products for use with airbrushing

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  • Createx airbrush cleaners.

    Createx airbrush cleaners.

    <h5>Createx airbrush cleaners.</h5> <h5>- 5618 Cleaner rinses airbrush of color before adding next color.</h5> <h5>- 4008 Restorer removes dried paint from airbrush or spray-gun after use.</h5>
  • Createx airbrush reducers

    Createx airbrush reducers

    <h5>Createx airbrush reducers</h5> <h5>Water-based thinners for Createx paints.</h5> <h5>- 4011 is the standard reducer for all Createx paints &amp; </h5> <h5></h5> <h5>clears.</h5> <h5>- 4020 is a special acetone thinner.</h5>
  • Createx varnishes for airbrushing

    Createx varnishes for airbrushing

    <h5>Varnishes for airbrushing Createx</h5> <h5>- Createx Top Coat &amp; Clear Coat are airbrush friendly clears for art, craft &amp; textile application.</h5> <h5></h5>
  • Createx airbrush varnishes to mix

    Createx airbrush varnishes to mix

    <h5>Createx Airbrush varnishes to mix </h5> <h5>Urethane clears for mixing with paint for increased adhesion and durability when painting automotive &amp; hard-surface.</h5> <p></p>
  • UVLS Clears Createx airbrush varnishes.

    UVLS Clears Createx airbrush varnishes.

    <h5>Varnishes for airbrushing UVLS Createx</h5> <h5>- UVLS Clears are Createx ‘s most durable clears, for exterior &amp; interior application.</h5>
  • Createx special products for airbrushing

    Createx special products for airbrushing

    <h5>Createx special products for airbrushing</h5> <h5>- 4040 Bleed Checker prevents candy2o dyes from leaching into top-coated colors.</h5> <h5>- 5607 Retarder is a slow drying-additive for painting in arid environments.</h5> <h5>- 5092 Bloodline Latex Adhesion Promoter, to adhere to surfaces such as latex.</h5> <p></p>
  • Auxiliary products Model Air and Game Air

    Auxiliary products Model Air and Game Air

    <h6>Auxiliary products for Model Air and Game Air, thinners, mediums and airbrush cleaners.</h6>
  • Auxiliary products Vallejo Premium

    Auxiliary products Vallejo Premium

    <p>AV PREMIUM is a safe water- based, non toxic and highly versatile airbrush ready paint, suitable for all surfaces, but especially formulated for superior adhesion to metals, fibreglass, polyethylene, clear Lexanª polycarbonate, slot car and RC bodies, and all tuning and automotive applications.<br /><br /> Premium colors are flexible and exceptionally durable and permit prolonged exposure to weather without fading or losing their brilliance.<br /><br /> AV Premium colors have superior flow, they are self-levelling and brush on with exceptional ease. For airbrushing, the colors can be used directly from the bottle when using a nozzle size 0,3. For the metallic colors some dilution might be necessary, and for smaller nozzles (O.2mm or less) the use of the Reducer (62.068) may be required. The recommended compressor setting is 30-60psi (2-4 bar).<br /><br /> The range consists of 20 bright opaque colors, 23 dazzling metallics and fluorescents, and 9 shimmering transparent Candy Colors.<br /><br /> All colours are available in 60 ml. in a plastic bottles with a flip-top cap.</p>
  • Sprays para aerografia

    Sprays para aerografia

    <h4>Different types of aerosols for use in airbrushing.</h4>