Vallejo weathering

Formulated with permanent pigments and waterbased acrylic resins, have been developed to represent the effects of time and weather on models and dioramas, so that they will look as once their originals in the field.

This range of effects includes the spilled fuel runnels, the splashed mud, the lichen and moss on wood, the crushed grass stuck to the metal links of the chains of a tank,all the traces of wear and destruction on vehicles in harsh and hostile climate. By placing a vehicle in a realistic setting, at rest for a brief moment, we can tell a complete story about its history of past battles in foreign zones of war. Available in 40 ml. bottles.

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  • washes


    <p>For armor, vehicles, planes, ship, figures and war game figures. All surfaces exposed to sun, wind and dust, rain and snow, experience a change in color, a loss of intensity, a dulling and general fading which however is not even or overall. For the model painter, these changes in color are very difficult to reproduce, and to achieve these effects on a model, washes or filters are the perfect solution.<br /> The washes are always needed to blend the edges of the colors on a model painted in various camouflage shades. The colors can also be mixed together to achieve further variations of shade and can be used with airbrush or brush, according to the model and the effect desired. <br /> Model Wash can be mixed with pigments to achieve a wide range of effects such as oil and flaked rust, mud, earth, dust, moss, etc. and when mixed with acrylic colors, they further help achieve the impact of heavy wear and weathering. <br /> The washed have been formulated with a modified acrylic resin so that the superficial tension is similar to that of the traditional solvent- based washes and filters, but with the advantage of working with a water-based medium. Average drying time is around 20 minutes. If several layers of wash are to be applied, it is best to wait around 40 minutes between applications. Painting tools are cleaned with water.<br /> How to use, click on the product.</p>
  • splash mud

    splash mud

    <p>When a vehicle drives through muddy terrain, mud splashes are inevitable. Range Splash Mud has been formulated so that by simply blowing air through the airbrush over a brush loaded with mud, from a short distance from the model and on the specific area, realistic splash effects will be spattered all over the model. Splash Mud can also be applied using a stiff brush or stick. <br /><br /> The range includes six different kinds of mud, manufactured with natural pigments and waterbased acrylic resins, which dries to a slightly glossy finish which suggest the humid nature of the products.</p>
  • thick mud

    thick mud

    <p>The range consists of 6 products with a heavy and thick consistency and a slightly glossy finish, ideal for reproducing terrain on vignettes or dioramas, as well as for texture on wheels and the lower part of vehicles, the chains of armored cars and accumulations of mud on the tracks. The remains of vegetation included in some of the references provide an especially realistic texture to the final aspect of the model.<br /><br /> Thick Mud products are available in 40 ml and 200ml.</p>
  • environment effects

    environment effects

    <p>A series of references formulated to recreate the effects of the elements on vehicles, armor, constructions and terrain.<br /><br /> The Environment Effects include grass crushed under the wheels or chains of a tank, the remains of dirt streaking the windows of a vehicle, the humidity, the appearance of moss and lichen on stones, rust and snow, and vegetation crushed and mixed in mud on the roads of the front. The elements of nature and the effects of weather are recreated in this range to provide the modeler with the environmental setting in a quick, easy and realistic way.</p>
  • engine effects

    engine effects

    <p>A vehicle with an engine has many moving parts -the transmission, wheels and axis, tracks, hinges and chains- all of them mechanisms subject to traction and movement which have to be lubricated to function correctly. In addition, the internal combustion engine needs fuel, and dust accumulates, while dirt forms a part of this mechanical and dynamic context. <br /><br /> The range of Engine Effects offers the modeler a series of references to reproduce the fuel stains, the spilled oil (leaving a trail of drops on the vehicle panels and in the dust of the road), the marks left by the oil drums on the floor of the truck, the dirt accumulated in the engine compartment, all these to enhance the realistic aspect of the model.</p>
  • chipping medium

    chipping medium

    <p>New waterbased Medium to create flaked paint, scratches, and rust chips.<br /> Chipping Medium can be applied with airbrush or brush to create chipping effects with waterbased acrylic colors.<br /> How to use, click on the product. <br /><br /> The Medium can be applied with airbrush or brush on the base color of the model; when the Medium is dry to touch, the last coat of acrylic color is applied over the area, and once dry, the area where chipped effects are desired is moistened with water. Chips of paint can then be flaked off with the tip of a dry brush or stick. We recommend you use a final varnish to protect the result. Brushes and airbrush can be cleaned with water. Chipping Medium is certified by ASTM.</p>