auto air hi-lite interference

Accent pearl-flakes with a slight color shift from the respective color to nothing on the side-cast view.
Apply over any base color for slight pearl accents.
Use sparingly. A little of this color goes a long way. For example, one quart will be enough for an entire mid-coat on a full size SUV. One or two dust coats is all that is required. If too much material is applied, the color turns to a pastel and the effect is lost.
Colors are concentrated. Extending color by mixing with 4004 Auto Air Transparent Base adds more base, which allows for an easier application when painting large areas.
Hi-Lite Blue over 4330 & 4331 metallic White is a killer accent, especially over contoured surfaces such as flared fenders. Use very sparingly for this to work well.
Hi-Lite Gold is a great accent pearl to most colors, especially 4301 Pearl White. Use very sparingly.
A test panel is strongly recommended to determine finish and amount of Hi-Lite Color required for accent. Hi- Lite's effects not visible until after top-coat clear is applied.
Applied over 4002 Sealer Dark or 4220 Deep Black base.
Spray-Gun: 1.2mm tip
Mini-Spray Gun: 1.0mm tip
Airbrush: 0.35mm or larger
Reduce: Spray-gun: @ 10% per volume with Auto Air 4012 / Wicked W500 High Performance Reducer
Airbrush: @ 30% per volume or more with Auto Air 4012 / Wicked W500 High Performance Reducer

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