AK8076 Camouflage Elastic Putty 80 gr. Camouflage Masking Putty


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AK8076 Camouflage Elastic Putty 80 gr. Camo Masking Putty.

Reusable masking putty to mask using airbrush. Specially designed to leave no residue on any surface. It can be easily removed without damaging other painted areas.

Does not stain and it' s grease free. Best quality with best price in a perfect product for modellers that adapts to any surface and allows both camouflage and hide areas such as wheels or parts that we do not want to paint.

Place the masking putty around the areas you want to keep unpainted. And remember to use masking tape in areas such as windows. Remove the masking putty and observe the fine results. Again, place the masking putty over the desired areas to apply the second camouflage color.

The result is a fine and perfect camouflage. The masking putty can be
cleaned and stored for the next use.

6,20 EUR

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