Craquelure Varnish (2 steps) La Pajarita 2 x 60 ml.

Reference: CraqDecoupLP

o A two-product water-based varnish. As these products are incompatibles a fine, uniform crackling effect is created when they are combined.

o When the first coat of Crackling Binder (Step 1) is dry, in about 30 minutes, spread Crackling Varnish over the surface (Step 2). When it dries, small cracks will appear. For a best result, we recommend to wait 24 hours.

o These will become more apparent after the application of La Pajarita Antique Brown Patina.

o Application: Brush, roller, spray gun or airbrush.
o Surfaces: Wood, cardboard, marble, plaster, etc.
o Clean-up: Soap and water.
o Containers : 60 + 60 ml.

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