Caudron C-445 Goeland Luftwaffe 92174


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Caudron C-445 Goeland Luftwaffe 92174

Plastic assembly kit, scale 1/72, ready to assemble and decorate.

Requires paints, brushes, cutter and adhesive.

It was a conventionally configured low-wing cantilever monoplane with tailwheel undercarriage. The main undercarriage units retracted into the engine nacelles. Construction was wooden throughout, with wooden skinning everywhere but the forward and upper fuselage sections, which were skinned in metal. As usually configured, the cabin seated six passengers with baggage compartments fore and aft, and a toilet aft.

Apart from private buyers, the C.440 was also bought by the Armee de l'Air, Aeronavale, Aeromaritime, Regie Air Afrique and Air France, and some were exported for service with Aeroput. Production of the C.440 and its subtypes continued until the outbreak of World War II, at which time many C.440s were impressed into military service. Following the fall of France, some were operated by the German Luftwaffe and Deutsche Luft Hansa. 

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