AK4907 Worn Art 05 German Artillery (Bilingual English - Spanish)

Reference: AK4907

AK4907 Worn Art 05 German Artillery - Bilingual English - Spanish

124 pages. Soft cover.

This fifth issue of the thematic publication Worn Art is dedicated to German artillery pieces in World War II.

It deals with the construction, painting and weathering of some iconic pieces.

Although not all the variants used during the war are covered, we will enjoy some very relevant pieces, see how the modelers have built the scale models and how they are set.

This is a very special issue of Worn Art with a subject rarely dealt with in modeling, Wehrmacht artillery played an essential role during the Second World War.

It contributed greatly to the overwhelming successes of the early period of the conflict, known as the Blitzkrieg, and was also crucial to most of the operations that followed, both offensive and defensive.

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