AK130017 Modeling Modern Armored Fighting 8x8 Vehicles - Polish and English

Reference: AK130017

AK130017 Modeling Modern Armored Fighting 8x8 Vehicles - Polish and English

Bilingual English-Polish. 176 pages. Semi-hard cover.

This book is entirely dedicated to modern 8×8 vehicles. Here you will find impressive machines used by armies around the world.

Together with the STRYKER M1132, B1 CENTAURO and KTO ROSOMAK you will also be able to see a BOXER AMBULANCE, VBCI, VPK-7829 BUMERANG, ZTL-11 and an ASLAV-PC PHASE 3.

In each of them you will find different techniques that you can transfer to other models.

Each article shows step-by-step the construction, painting and weathering of each model, as well as the preparation of the base.

The book shows various camouflage patterns, as well as the finishing of the models in different levels of detail.

The last twenty years have undoubtedly been a boom time for 8×8 vehicles.

Their development and assumption of numerous functions in modern armies is notable for anyone interested in military topics.

Many countries have in their armies various vehicles based on a multiple wheeled chassis, not only typical combat vehicles, but also ambulances, command vehicles, vehicles for radio equipment, repair vehicles and many others.

Current military operations around the world, whether regular combat, stabilization or peacekeeping missions, confirm the n public roads, construction and maintenance costs.usefulness of this type of vehicles due to their mobility, versatility, ease of air transport, ability to circulate in times of peace on public roads, construction and maintenance costs.

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