AK130019 U.S. Armor in WW2 – English

Reference: AK130019

AK130019 U.S. Armor in WW2 – English

English. 144 pages. Semi-hard cover.

Until World War I, the U.S. Army was a security force tailored to the geography of the United States and rarely acted as an operational force overseas.

The Army’s first major combat engagement in Europe demonstrated that the days of cavalry as it had been understood up to then were over, and that modern warfare was evolving into a new means of mobility in terms of mechanization.

World War II completed the evolution of the American army in both material and combat tactics.

Lovers of American vehicles will enjoy all the resources shown in this book, with detailed step-by-step instructions, entirely dedicated to American vehicles in 1:35 scale set in WWII.

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