AK11779 Carlos Tobes – 3GEN Signature Set – 14 Colors 17 ml and 1 Figure

Reference: AK11779

Carlos Tobes is currently one of the most talented miniature painters in Spain.

With a very personal style, he combines futuristic/cyberpunk themed works with fantasy miniatures or even historical figures.

He is passionate about details, a quality he carries over from his work as an illustrator.

He loves to create textures and fill each figure with small elements such as tattoos, prints on clothes or recreations of different fabrics.

In recent years he has created many box arts for different international brands, both historical and science fiction.

The set contains 14 3GEN colours chosen by the artist and the miniature ARIES, a warrior designed in 30mm heroic scale, with a real size of 48mm, exclusive edition of Yedharo Models for this set.

Carlos Tobes proves in this boxart that he is a master at painting small scales with only 14 reference colours. 3GEN paints are currently the most valued paints by painters all over the world.

Its formula contains pigments of high purity and high concentration to obtain more vivid colours and a perfect finish in any kind of project.


*Painting guide inside the cover.


This set contains:

AK11101 – Orange Brown

AK11029 – Black

AK11110 – Leather Brown

AK11079 – Burn Orange

AK11001 – White

AK11004 – Ivory

AK11019 – Graphite

AK11120 – Mud Brown

AK11167 – Anthracite Grey

AK11038 – Pale Yellow

AK11126 – Green Brown

AK11161 – Pale Blue

AK11058 – Decomposed Flesh

AK11104 – Saddle Brown

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