UHU Creativ Fabric, Felt and Ribbons Glue 40 gr.

Reference: 47265-62932

UHU Creativ Fabric and Felt Glue 40 gr.

Glues fabric, felt and ribbons, along with many other materials. Also for wool, fillers, pom poms, cleaning brushes, ropes, etc.

Resistant to washing and dry cleaning. Flexible. Resistant to both the passage of time and light. Odorless and transparent when dry. Fast setting. Solvent free. The areas to be bonded must be dry and free of dust or grease. You can use a brush or spatula to apply the glue.

Fresh glue stains can be removed with water. Dry glue is extremely difficult to remove due to the high resistance of the product to solvents and cleaning products.

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