White Nights water color sets

Nevskaya Palitra has been producing White Nigths watercolour since the 30s of the 20th century. The company's production cycle is the performance of a complete set of works:

Geological exploration

Conducting research and testing in the own laboratory

Production of natural non-organic pigments (from the earths), production of synthetic pigments (cobalt, cadmium and iron oxide pigments)

Production, packaging and quality control of finished goods

This is a unique production, keeping the core of traditions, but improving recipes and methods of production in accordance with time requirements and carefully tested innovative developments. This knowledge and experience have been continuously supplemented and transmitted from generation to generation of experts for almost a century, determining the consistently high quality of paints. 

Watercolours White Nigths is a series of professional premium artists' watercolour paints with an age-old history. The series was born to the request of the professional art community for the development of watercolour, which has rich, clean and deep shades and can remain unchanged for many decades. So, in the early 30s of the 20th century, the legendary watercolour paints Leningrad were produced, which were subsequently renamed White Nigths.

The paints got their brand name thanks to the unique natural phenomenon characteristic of St. Petersburg, a city in the northern part of Europe, where production is located. Every year, together with spring, the city has a period of white nights, when at night the sun does not go beyond the horizon and the natural lighting remains quite bright, that is, the whole night consists only of a couple of hours of light twilight.

This magical state of nature is very similar to watercolour painting - light, transparent, but saturated and thrilling, the same as the white nights of St. Petersburg.

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