oil paint Maimeri Classico 20 ml.

Industria Maimeri was born at the beginning of the last century, the result of a dream - the dream of an artist to create and produce colours for Art, combining the traditional formulas, which had been revolutionized by the new industrial processes, and the high standards modern industrial machinery was able to guarantee. This prestigious company keeps on growing and upholding its international leadership.


Extra fine oil colors. A perfect blend of modern pigments with those of the Italian pictorial tradition (natural earth colours), safe and stable. Authentic cadmium pigments in concentration of between 20 and 25%.

Colors produced with total absence of waxes or adulterations in its formulation. Bright and clear colors. Ideal for any type of thick layer or glaze application.

Buttery consistency, quick application. Soft under the bristles of the brush, the brush stroke is lengthened thanks to its fine milling, colours can be mixed to give clear and clean tones.

All the colours in the range are dispersed in the purest linseed oil, enabling fast drying. The whites are dispersed in safflower oil to ensure lasting stability.

65 of the 72 colors have the highest degree of light-fastness. Formulated to achieve a perfect balance of drying times. Average grain size of 5-10 microns.

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