AK weathering 

The biggest range of specific weathering products for modelling. All products are enamel based for easier blending. With AK Interactive the modeller is able to achieve many effects such as rust, rainmarks, grime, and many others.

  • AK washes
    AK washes

    AK washes.

  • AK effects
    AK effects

    The engines and transmissions of many vehicles offer an special aspect where the grease and the remains of spilt fuel are the protagonists. The following products are fundamental for doing these effects and offer amazing realism. They are products especially designed for these effects, some of them with different intensities of sheen to represent the exact appearance of these effects in reality.

  • AK filters
    AK filters

    AK filters.

  • AK paneliners
    AK paneliners

    AK paneliners.

  • AK weathering sets
    AK weathering sets

    AK Weathering sets.

  • AK specials
    AK specials

    AK specials.

  • AK basics auxiliary
    AK basics auxiliary

    AK Basics Auxiliary.

  • AK varnishes
    AK varnishes

    AK varnishes.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item


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