Scale models primers.

  • AK primers
    AK primers

    AK primers.

  • Vallejo primers
    Vallejo primers

    Waterbased Poliurethane Primer. This Surface Primer can be used directly or mixed with other Auxiliary products like Varnishes, Mediums, etc. It is recomended to avoid mixing Surface Primer with alcohol and/or solvents. Apply with airbrush or brush.

    This Surface Primer has a selflevelling matt finish of extraordinary hardness and resistence, and does not hide details. Perfect as a ground for plastic, brass, resin, etc.

    Surface Primer can be cleaned easily using water.

  • transparent primers
    transparent primers

    Transparent primers cover with a transparent layer, maintaining the product's characteristics. In this way, the different details, colors and materials can still be appreciated, while allowing the pieces to be distinguished once primed.

  • primer spray
    primer spray

    Primers in aerosol for base coat. Flamable. Solventbased, does not contain CFC or toluene.

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    GRAY AEROSOL PRIMER (400ml.) 1. Thoroughly Clean and degrease tthe object to be painted. Shake can vigorously for 1 minute after hearing mixer noise. 2. Hold can vertically, 25 cm from surface,and begin painting fast multiple thin coats to avoid runs or drips. 3. Let coating dry some 5 minutes. Clean valve by holding can upside down and spraying until...

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