auto air candy 2 O

Brilliant transparent colors for custom refinishing and airbrushing. Candy2 O combine advanced water-soluble, urethane resin technology with crystal-clear dyes to create truly exceptional candy colors.


- Concentrate. Add 10% per volume (9:1 mix ratio) 4030 Intercoat for spray performance. Optional lowering of viscosity is achieved by reducing with either 4012 High Performance or 4020 Automotive Reducer.

- Intense. 4 - 6 medium wet coats are recommended for full color saturation. Allow each coat to air dry tack free prior; approximately 10 minutes flash time in between coats when painting in non-humid, temperate conditions.

- Made for the graphic arts with excellent adhesion so they will not lift or peel when taped on. Apply 4030 Intercoat direct over air- driedcandy2O to prevent bleeding when applying other colors and marking when taping.

- Work with a wide variety of spray-gun and airbrushes. The following specs are recommended as a starting point. As always, achieving a finely atomized spray pattern is the goal. Reduce and adjust settings & psi to achieve a spray pattern that is smooth and free of large, color droplets or a grainy over-spray look.

spray-gun: 1.2 - 1.3mm tip, 25 - 35 psi

mini-gun: 0.8 - 1.0mm, 25 - 35 psi

airbrush: 0.5mm - mixing with 4030 generally enough, smaller tip- sizes reduce with 4012 High Performance or 4020 Automotive Reducer as needed to achieve optimum atomization.

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