75051 Extreme Real Buildings - Castellano

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New book belonging to the Scenic Atmosphere editorial line, in which the renowned artist Emmanuel Nouaillier shares the procedures and techniques used for recreating the facades of dilapidated buildings in scale.

This first volume of the Masterclass series, in which the author shows his personal way of approaching and putting his work into practice, delves into the processes of extreme wear and tear on buildings and the construction and painting of the different materials.

Through eleven articles, we are described how to build and paint wood, concrete, bricks, advertising signs, doors and windows, and countless other details, which will make us wonder if the constructions we are contemplating are scale models, and not images of real buildings.

The book includes numerous reference photographs, from which the author draws inspiration to recreate the wear and tear and damage that the passage of time causes in buildings, and how it affects each of the materials used in them.

Number of pages: 192

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