Cores para pintura sobre seda.

  • Vallejo Silk Color pintura seda
    Vallejo Silk Color pintura seda

    Silk Color has been developed with the most brilliant permanent pigments and a new easy flow acrylic resin formulated for delicate fibres. Colours apply evenly and smoothly, and are fixed by ironing.

    All colours can be mixed with one another, or diluted with water. The range contains No- Flow Medium (Ref. 780) and Flow Improver (Ref. 779), as well as a complete assortment of Guttas, see below.

    Silk Color is suitable for all techniques: brush, roller, airbrush, sponge, batik, etc. Although it is formulated especially for silk fabrics, some artists also use it on textiles, especially muslin and other thin cottons, whereas Textile Color can be used sparingly for accents and stencil techniques on silk.

    Silk Color is not hazardous to users' health or to the environment if employed in a normal manner.

  • Pebeo Setasilk pintura seda
    Pebeo Setasilk pintura seda

    Setasilk is used as a traditional colour and used on all types of silk : twill, pongee, crêpe de chine, georgette, damask...Very easy to use, fixed by simply ironing, Setasilk colours can be used for all silk painting techniques : outlining, salt dusting, watercolour on dry or damp silk, crackling wax or drawing wax batik, mahaju... They keep the silk's flexibility and offer a rich, refined and very bright palette.

    Bottle 45 ml. with drop cap.

  • Vallejo Gutta Contour pintura seda
    Vallejo Gutta Contour pintura seda

    Gutta (contour medium) is used to control the fluidity of the colors, drawing outlines directly ont the silk or for final details and accents.

    Presented in 20 ml. tubes with an applicator tip for easy handling.

  • Varios Pintura Seda
    Varios Pintura Seda

    Varios Pintura Seda


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