AK11717 WWII Luftwaffe Mid-War Colors 8 u. 17 ml

Referência: AK11717

3 Gen set specially designed to paint aircrafts and incorporate a wide range of authentic colors. These colors have been developed and tested with the utmost care.

The different colors included in these kits are the RLM colors, the Federal Standard, etc. used by the different armed forces of the world in all areas. The colors are the most accurate and authentic that a modeler can find, guaranteed to be developed by experts.

Many of them have a "downscaling factor" that fits their models. The boxes contain the profile guides for reference. 

This set contains:

AK 11812 - RLM 02 RLM-Grau (1941)

AK 11818 - RLM 65 (1941)
AK 11819 - RLM 66 (1938)
AK 11821 - RLM 70
AK 11822 - RLM 71
AK 11825 - RLM 74
AK 11826 - RLM 75
AK 11828 - RLM 76 Version 2

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