primer aerografia

Promotori di adesione per preparare in modo ottimale le superfici da dipingere.
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  • primer sprays

    primer sprays

  • sealer auto borne

    sealer auto borne

    <p>12 color-keyed Sealers are simple to color tone, easy to apply, self-leveling, fast drying and quick to clean up. Sanding is not necessary for basecoat adhesion. <br /> <br /> With 12 colors at your fingertips, the options are endless for achieving basecoat color faster and at a lower cost for the ultimate custom look.<br /><br /> Direct to aluminum, plastic and major surfaces, simply scuff clean and paint Superior Adhesion to - meets ASTM D 3002, D 3359 Class: 5B Lightfast &amp; Durable - ASTM D4303 Rating 1; ASTM D 662-93 - 10 Excellent Coverage - e.g. Sealer #6004 Yellow covers complete in 2 - 3 coats.<br /><br /> Tinted AutoBorne Sealers improve coverage of any OEM color.<br /> <br /> Sag Resistance - self-levels even when over-applied onto vertical panels.<br /><br /> Dries Quicker than solvent-based sealers, no catalyst required.<br /> <br /> Universally compatible with all paint systems.<br /><br /> Will not lift paint edges when used for spot-blend repairs.</p>

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