AK647 Girl Power - Poder Femenino (Bilingual)

Référence: AK647

Bilingual (English and Spanish). 92 pages. Semi-hard cover.

Katarzyna Górska / Maartje Giesbers / Marion Ball / Margot Crombeecke / Helen Bourch / Georgia Sarantinou / Anna Shestakova / Anna Machowska


What you now have in your hands is a unique project by eight amazing women.
You may wonder why only women? This question will probably never be asked for a book where only men participate, and let me make it clear right away…. we have nothing against men.
We find them all super cute and really see them as our buddies. The reason for this book is partly because, as long as I have been in this hobby, I keep getting asked why there are so few women. The answer is there are not so few, but they are not so visible. That’s why I was so eager for this book to actually become a reality so you can see that we are represented in all areas.

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