cores aerografia aero color schmincke

A gama de tintas acrílicas para aerografia e pincel Aero Color oferece uma ampla gama de cores em diferentes texturas e são particularmente adequados para trabalhos de aerografía sobre os qualquer meio.

28 ml. Glass bottle with dropper cap.

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  • aero color professional schmincke

    aero color professional schmincke

    <p>36 Colors for airbrush with a high quality of pigmentation, fundamentally thought by graphic works in paper, although they can be used on different supports making serve the appropriate auxiliary products. <br /><br /> Developed specially for the air- brush spray-gun but also very good to use with retouching pens, dip- pens and brushes.<br /><br /> <b>28 ml. Glass bottle with dropper cap.</b></p>
  • aero shine schmincke

    aero shine schmincke

    <p>These colours produce a mother-of- pearl effect that shimmers discreetly on bright surfaces but which gives off a metallic shine on dark backgrounds and when combined with transparent shades. Depending on the angle there is a gradual colour-change from the colour of the background to the actual AERO SHINE shades. <br /><br /> <b>28 ml. Glass bottle with dropper cap.</b></p>
  • aero metallic schmincke

    aero metallic schmincke

    <p>9 metallic colors that stand out for their special brilliance. When combined with bright or effects colors, unique effects can be achieved.<br /><br /> <b>28 ml. Glass bottle with dropper cap.</b></p>
  • aero vision schmincke

    aero vision schmincke

    <p>These multi-colour effect colours, whose unique effect depends on the structure of the surface they are painted on and which shows a fascinating "flip-flop" (gradation) of colours. The colours change when the observer changes the angle from which he is looking at them. The darker the colour of the back-ground, the clearer the effect become.<br /><br /> <b>28 ml. Glass bottle with dropper cap.</b></p>
  • mediums schmincke aero color

    mediums schmincke aero color

    <p>Mediums Schmincke Aero Color.</p>