72189 Set Leather and Metal Vallejo Game Color NEW 16 u. (18 ml.)

Riferimento: 72189 N

This set includes the conecessary colors to paint leather elements in different shades, as well as 7 metallic tones to paint any metallic element. From warm, earthy tones to rich, subtle hues for metals, each color has been chosen to highlight the texture and character of these materials.


72.098 Elfic Flesh
72.061 Khaki
72.063 Desert Yellow
72.062 Earth
72.036 Bronze Brown
72.042 Parasite Brown
72.044 Dark Fleshtone
72.091 Sepia Ink
72.094 Black Ink
72.052 Silver
72.053 Chainmail
72.054 Dark Gunmetal
72.055 Polished Gold
72.056 Glorious Gold
72.057 Bright Bronze
72.060 Tinny Tin

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