Watercolor Paper Album Canson 12s 300gr Cold Press 12,5x18 cm.

Riferimento: C400106430

Watercolor paper made in a round shape machine with the most traditional paper process.

It contains 60% cotton and its raw materials have been specially selected to give this paper a reputation for excellence.

Acid-free, without optical brighteners and with an alkaline reserve, this exceptional paper is designed to guarantee an excellent conservation over time. Its texture is sensual to the touch and combined with its off-white tone, it brings contrast and perspective to the work.

Provides bright, consistent color reproduction while allowing easy wet and dry correction.

Spiral album 12,5x18 cm.

300 g/m2 

Cold pressed. 

Natural white.

Ideal for: watercolor, tempera, gouache, acrylic, ink and drawing.

Micro-perforated sheets for easy separation from the pad.

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