Liquid Frisket - Aero Mask 20 ml.

Référence: 50300
50300 Liquid Frisket - Aero Mask 20 ml.

A colourless masking liquid to cover those parts of the design not intended to be part of the picture. For cardboard, paper or other air-brush surfaces. Apply undiluted with cotton buds or small wooden, toothpick-sized stikks, writing or dip-pens. The colour design should be applied only after the masking liquid has dried completely. Then rub off the liquid frisket with your finger or an eraser. Do not leave the liquid frisket on the surface for any longer than two days; then remove it completely, as the remaining matter may yellow. Clean your tools thoroughly with soapy water. Close the glass bottle tightly and protect it from frost. Contains Synthetic resin dispersion without ammonia
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