Set Vallejo Model Color 8 u. (17 ml.) German Fallschirmjäger Early WWII


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Set of 7 Model Color and 1 Panzer Aces, in 17 ml. bottles.

The set “German Fallschirmjäger Early WWII” contains the colors needed to paint the most characteristic German paratrooper uniforms of the early campaigns of the war. The most typical item of these uniforms was the so-called Knochensack, a type of jacket which can be painted in the standard color green or in the camouflage pattern known as the Luftwaffe Splinter pattern (Splittertarn Muster 41). Also included in the set are the colors needed for the uniforms and accessories, the distinctive blue-grey of the Luftwaffe, as well as the grey-green German Field Grey of the paratrooper pants.

Includes step by step by Jaume Ortiz.

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