AK akrylics colors

Cores para a pintura de modelos e miniaturas.

AK Interactive has always distinguished itself by the quality of its products. AK new generation of acrylic paints is entirely developed in their own laboratories offering several advantages and innovations that will help you to paint models both quickly and smoothly, either by brush or by airbrush.

They have 3 different formulas to realize the needs of all Scale Modelers:


Basic line is especially designed for both airbrush and brush painting. These paints don't clog in the tip of the airbrush and are easily cleaned or thinned with water (although they highly recommend their own Acrylic thinner). They care about your health and insist that their paints are non- toxic and don't produce harmful odours. They offer a light, smooth, satin finish which is the ideal surface for further weathering. With a wide range of specific colours designed for the popular "modulation technique", and also the correct colours (RAL, FS, RLM) which are scaled for the best results. Other colours complete an ever expanding catalogue, including the most popular current colours, for example colours ideally suited for chipping and producing rust effects. Also of course producing a range of standard colours.

2) FIGURE Paint Line:

AK also produces a different formula for their figure series colors which are specially designed for painting with a brush to produce a matte finish suitable for this genre. This range is designed in co-operation with the best european figure painters.

3) AIR SERIES Paint Line:

This formula is for their Air series. Perfect for all types of airplaine and aircraft works. These paints have the perfect opacity and a perfect satin finish. After research, the colors are altered for a scale reduction effect. The colors for many countries in a variety of areas are researched by the most prestigious historians such as Michael Ullmann, Nicholas Millman or Maciej Goralczyk.

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