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Original Transfer is a marker with a special liquid that has the ability to dissolve the printer's toner and transfer it to a different surface.

Place the print on top of the object you want to transfer and pass the Original Transfer marker. Slowly rub with a flat surface to homogenize the print. After this remove the paper with the print and it will be ready.

It can be used on fabric, paper, wood, cork, dry clay and ceramics. The surface must be porous enough to quickly absorb the liquid from the marker. It also works on other surfaces.

It transfers the toner ink, therefore an inkjet printer, will NOT transfer the image correctly. It also transfers color prints, but the colors will be slightly softer.

Special paper not needed.

Texts impressions must be printed with mirror effect.

Each print serves only once.

Its durability depends on the frequency and intensity with which it is used.

The liquid in the marker is very thin and volatile, so it does not last as long as a normal pen. It is advisable not to use it on the non-printed areas and to have it properly covered, pushing the cap firmly.


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